Review of Surface Pro 10 for Business: A Secure Upgrade for IT Professionals

It’s somewhat mundane, but that’s its intended purpose.

Surface pro 10
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I anticipated the Surface Pro 10 for Business’s features the moment Microsoft unveiled it: an upgraded processor with an integrated neural processing unit (NPU), housed within the same chassis as the Surface Pro 9. As the inaugural “AI PC” devices in the Surface lineup, both the Pro 10 for Business tablet and its more conventional counterpart, the Laptop 6, left me somewhat underwhelmed. Furthermore, the limited availability—restricted to Microsoft’s website or enterprise resellers—gave the impression that the company was attempting to conceal any perceived shortcomings.

But upon testing the Surface Pro 10 tablet (I’ll skip the “For Business” part for the remainder of this review—you know what I mean), I came to the realization that Microsoft aimed to deliver a straightforward PC upgrade tailored for IT professionals. It may not be flashy; there are no groundbreaking new features to master, and your company’s existing Windows software will function seamlessly. No unexpected surprises here.

Surface pro 110
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Surface Pro 10 for Business

I can appreciate the Surface Pro 10 for what it is, especially considering that Microsoft has exciting consumer-focused Surface hardware on the horizon. The company has extended invitations to the media for an event in Seattle on May 20th (a day before its Build conference begins). At this event, we anticipate the unveiling of consumer-focused Surface devices powered by Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon X Elite chips. It makes sense for Microsoft to take bolder risks with its consumer hardware, leaving the more practical machines for IT workers to manage.

Surface pro 10 1
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Surface Pro 10

The Surface Pro 10 for Business represents primarily a chip upgrade from the previous model, yet it remains a sleek, lightweight, and well-designed Windows tablet.


  • Quick and effective central Extreme chips
  • NPU can perform simple AI tasks.
  • Slender style
  • Dependable 13-inch display


  • No significant modifications from earlier models’ designs
  • There are just two USB-C ports.
  • Stylus and keyboard cover are offered separately.
  • Kickstand makes positioning difficult.

What are the new features in the Surface Pro 10 for Business?

Both the Surface Pro 10 and Laptop 6 for Business run on Intel’s latest Core Ultra chips. These chips mark the company’s first foray into including an NPU (Neural Processing Unit) specifically designed for handling AI tasks. While Windows 11 doesn’t currently offer many AI-driven features, we anticipate that Microsoft will introduce new AI capabilities at their upcoming Build event.

In the meantime, having an NPU means you can take advantage of Windows Studio Effects. These effects enhance your video chats by providing features like blurred backgrounds. By utilizing the NPU instead of relying solely on your CPU or GPU, Windows 11 can handle these tasks more efficiently without slowing down the rest of your system. It’s a win-win situation!

Surface Pro 10 s
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As for the design, the Surface Pro 10 closely resembles its predecessor, the Pro 9. It retains the 13-inch 120Hz PixelSense screen and continues to rely on the familiar kickstand for tablet support. However, Microsoft has made an improvement by including a new 1440p webcam with a wider field of view, promising clearer video chats.

What are the standout features of the Surface Pro 10?

Despite its lack of recent updates, the Surface Pro 10 remains a reliable and capable hybrid tablet. It boasts fast performance, a high-quality display, and impressive battery life. Let me highlight a few key features:

Core Ultra 135U Chip: The Surface Pro 10 is powered by Intel’s Core Ultra 135U chip, which outperforms the 12th-gen processors found in the Surface Pro 9. In PCMark 10, it achieved an impressive score of 5,772 points, compared to its predecessor’s 4,010 points.

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Future-Proof NPU: The Core Ultra chip includes an NPU (Neural Processing Unit), making the Pro 10 more future-proof. As AI features continue to evolve, the tablet will be well-equipped to handle them. Notably, developers from companies like Adobe and Audacity are already working on integrating AI capabilities.

Microsoft’s PixelSense display continues to impress, boasting vibrant colors and ample brightness for outdoor use even in direct sunlight.

While I had hoped for a more updated design, the Surface Pro 10’s case remains surprisingly slim and robust. It gives off an iPad-like feel, despite running Windows 11.

In terms of battery life, the Surface Pro 10 performed admirably, lasting 12 hours and 19 minutes on the PCMark 10 Modern Office battery benchmark. This result surpasses most ultraportable we’ve encountered this year, falling short by only an hour compared to the latest Dell XPS 13.

Surface Pro 10
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What is bad with the Surface Pro 10?

Lack of Major Design Overhaul: While the Surface Pro 10 shares the same design as its immediate predecessors, it doesn’t introduce significant changes. Some users might have hoped for a more updated appearance.

Slim and Sturdy Case, but Familiar: The device’s case remains thin and robust, akin to an iPad. However, it’s worth noting that the kickstand design persists, which may feel familiar but lacks novelty.

Battery Capacity: The Surface Pro 10 features a Li-Po battery with a capacity of 48 Wh, which is slightly below average. This could impact mobility for users who rely heavily on battery life.

Is it wise to purchase the Surface Pro 10 for Business?

At this juncture, it’s advisable to wait and observe how Microsoft’s newly introduced consumer-focused Surface hardware performs before committing to either the Pro 10 or Laptop 6. However, it’s important to note that these systems aren’t primarily designed for consumers; rather, their purpose is to provide IT workers with an efficient way to update their inventory without disrupting their existing workflows.

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